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Most of us have fallen victim to that little voice in our heads that says, “I could never do that. It’s too unrealistic.” Or how about this self-sabotage classic?: “If it was viable, someone would’ve done it already.” Or this one?: “A lot of people already do something similar…” Or my (least) favorite: “I’m too old to change careers/start something new now.” Ooh, girl. Staahhp.

It’s Not a Competence Issue, It’s a Confidence Issue

In my early 30s, I worked as regional vice president for government and public affairs for a rail carrier. I found out that I wasn’t the “type” of employee the CEO was used to dealing with. I was assigned to accompany him on a junket to Nashville, Tennessee…

TEDx Talk

“While you’re out there slaying dragons, saving the world, fighting for everybody, don’t forget to activate your superpower: Grace.”