I’m on a mission to help you walk in your brilliance. Grit + Grace with Cheryle is an intimate salon-style speaker series that focuses on you. Your ambition. Your self-care. Your power. Each month some of the most extraordinary women leaders will share their unique insight for success, their highs and lows, and practical advice to advance your own ambition and wholeness.

Upcoming Events

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Past Events


School Board Commissioner

Michelle Robinson McKissack,

sits down with Cheryle to discuss

four topics to help women be

career free agents and not be

limited to any industry. The

honesty, humor, and sisterly bond

makes these career tips incredibly

doable. Being a free agent in your

career is not without its troubles,

but it can unleash unlimited

career opportunities.


Chairman of Midway Broadcasting,

Melody Spann Cooper, sits down

with Cheryle to discuss four topics

to help women advance in business

and life. The honesty and humor

with which Melody shares hard

learned lessons as a woman BOSS

is refreshing and impactful. Closing

the deal is about you getting what

you want in every aspect of your life

and how to show up for you!


CEO of Soulbbatical, Shelley

Paxton, sits down with Cheryle

to discuss the 10 Commandments

of a Chief Soul Officer. Shelley

asks the tough questions to help 

you get to the heart of your soul’s 

purpose.This means granting 

yourself permission and realizing 

how much power you have to 

shape your own life. Don’t be 

afraid to share your answers with 

the rest of the community. You ARE 

the Chief Soul Officer of your life.