Nearly 2.5 million women have dropped out of the labor force over the last year.

And 25% of working women are considering leaving the workplace entirely. Everyone loses when women leave the workplace.

When it comes to women in the workforce, Corporate America is in a state of emergency.

The COVID-19 pandemic has only exacerbated the challenges that women face at home and work, creating more obstacles and re-moving already-scarce pathways to their highest ambitions. This is especially true for working mothers, Black women, and senior women leaders. But with the right investment in women employees and leaders, Corporate America can transform adversity into opportunity.

The GRIT + GRACE WITH CHERYLE conference helps women and organizations to do what both need – for women to thrive.

We equip women with the confidence, skills and a game plan to succeed in the workplace and to prioritize self-care in their lives.

This crisis of women in the workplace is also an opportunity.
According to 2020 McKinsey and LeanIn research study – Women in the workplace, companies can make investments in building a more supportive and empathetic workplace to retain women
employees and create more opportunities for women to succeed in the long term.

We provide women and their companies with conference programming that includes a customized development plan and with ongoing training and live mentorship programs that go well beyond the conference.

Training & Professional Development

Longterm Mentorship from Women Leaders

Support for Personal Development

A Network of Like-Minded Women


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Some of the most powerful women in

business and government and in bluechip 

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